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The deal is on the table. Now it just needs to be set-up, documented, reported, organised and run.

Great real estate practitioners aren’t usually focused on administration. The characteristics don’t often coincide - and even if they do, ownership structures and propco’s can be dauntingly complicated and need to be run for ongoing compliance.?

Vistra provides the corporate governance, administration and compliance of investment and acquisition structures up to and including direct real estate owning companies. Our management, domiciliation and administration services including accounting, tax and legal compliance and full secretarial services elevates good deals into a well-run and attractive fund or portfolio - and all available on a technology driven portal that’s easy to use and up-to-the-minute.

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As investors, regulators and the public clamour for corporate sustainability commitments, their focus is increasingly turning to real estate.
The UK’s Register of Overseas Entities came into force on 1 August 2022. The register is part of a long-awaited effort by the UK government to combat the use of UK land for criminal purposes and increase transparency and public trust in overseas entities that own land in the country.
Real estate investment in Asia is not without complexities, but global real estate investors can find promising opportunities in both mature and emerging markets.
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