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Managing complex and diversified portfolios?of funds and managed accounts requires?attention to transparency?and?increasingly?diligent?reporting.?But?that tends to take away from the preferred focus?on?analysing?and?selecting funds, with time spent taking care?of?administration and laborious?reports.???

At?Vistra, we offer a?personalised?service of the?highest possible quality, including an expert period-end process that guarantees you’ll meet your?deadlines. We are one of the world’s leading providers of fund administration by assets under administration (AuA).??????

We provide the tools, transparency and reporting you need to manage complex and diversified portfolios.?This allows you to focus on?what matters most,?rather than administration and reporting.???

Our accounting teams are experts and fully qualified to prepare fund reporting and financial statements in accordance with your required?accounting?standard – both local GAAP, US and UK GAAP and IFRS as well as required industry reporting?such as ILPA, INREV,?EVCA/Invest Europe reporting.???

We provide asset-level services in the form of transactional processing – such as rental income, maintenance fees and property tax – and production of?financial statements for office, retail, industrial, mixed-use and multi-family properties. Our ability to provide fully integrated property accounting?services globally is unparalleled in the industry.??

By understanding your fund’s investments, the effect of foreign exchange and any fees and expenses, our accounting teams calculate the net?asset value?(NAV) of the fund for you.??

Financial Records Services

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