One of the fundamental challenges for anyone with wealth is to protect their assets both now and for future generations. But?as?long-term plans bring immense?complexity,?knowing the best way to do so can be frustrating and stressful. Different vehicles offer?different benefits and legal implications, and rules vary between jurisdictions. The acquisition of wealth can lead to happiness, but?you need the right structures in place to truly enjoy it.???

At?Vistra, we offer a vast range of?advisory services related to the structuring, enhancing and preserving of wealth, whether you’re?looking to grow the family business in new markets, or seeking to safeguard your assets through meticulous succession planning.?That includes the potentially fraught area of family governance, where the changing competitive environment around the world can?prove a challenge to the transfer of wealth across generations.??

You may be seeking to provide liquidity, or to diversify your investments or gain exposure to different asset classes. You may wish to?invest in yachts or planes, or to make a difference with your wealth through philanthropy –?each of which can become a?convoluted?web of options and implications.??

Every client’s personal circumstances are different, so we’ll take time to understand your individual requirements and aims for the?future, working with teams of trusted specialists?to give you certainty around the future of your wealth – so you and your family can?be fully free to enjoy it.??



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Raynald Tavoillot, Director Client Services, Corporate and Private Clients, Luxembourg, examines the boom in family office services in recent decades.
Transferring wealth between generations: new priorities and old principles

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