People are the lifeblood of any operation. But managing?a global workforce is an intensely complex process – you can’t just apply a?blanket set of HR policies and expect them to work everywhere. Every jurisdiction has different rules around hiring people, managing?their working time, their benefits and inevitable dismissals. And this picture is constantly changing.??

But your operation isn’t standing still either.?You may be starting to send people around the globe; taking on whole new teams in?new parts of the world following a merger; or letting them go as part of a subsequent restructure. The potential to make serious?mistakes – possibly incurring penalties for your business and inviting distress for the people affected – is all too real.???

At?Vistra, our dedicated HR experts can be the one trusted partner you need to take the burden from your shoulders. We’ll help?minimise?the risk for your HR leaders and their C-suite teams. We offer a full suite of managed HR services, acting as an extension of?your HR team and helping to manage the entire employee lifecycle in a way that’s locally compliant – whether that’s drafting?contracts, reviewing benefits or managing employee mobility in a way that’s compliant and competitive.??

With our help, you can establish and maintain a global HR?programme?that’s tailored to each jurisdiction. Best of all, our advice is?easy to act on. So not only will you see your HR risks?minimised, but you’ll find yourself attracting, retaining and looking after the?most talented people out there.?

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Regulators, customers, investors and employees are demanding that environmental, social and governance principles drive how organisations operate and what they report on.
To take advantage of the global talent pool, companies are increasingly offering stock equity to attract and retain employees. The equity is usually awarded at a low cost in a pre-IPO phase, and in some cases involves globally mobile employees. Granting stock options to expatriate employees can introduce important tax obligations and risks in the home and host countries that are sometimes not fully understood by multinational employers.
Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies are changing the global financial landscape.
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