Workforce Restructuring Advice

In any business acquisition, sale or restructure, the people element is paramount and needs to be handled carefully and within the?relevant legislation. But it also needs to work commercially for you.??

At?Vistra, we can help determine your risk regarding restructures.?We'll?work with you to help maintain the financial stability of the?business, but if?it's?determined that the business must close,?we'll?help you do this in a manner that ensures those difficult decisions are?made at the right time and in accordance with the applicable law.??

We have teams of legal experts to advise you on the elements of any acquisition, sale, merger,?reorganisation?or restructure?that?involves?people. This advice will help you with costs and synergies pre- and post-change.??

We can also advise and support you as you consult with your workforce on any change. And, if need be, put your exit procedures into?practice. And?we will?support you throughout the process, providing advice, answering queries as they arise about the process, employee?rights, timescales and implementation.


Tribunal claims

Whilst we will do all we can to protect you from claims, it is possible that at some stage you will be faced with one. ?We know the challenges ahead of you when defending an employment tribunal, and we deliver cost effective and commercially-focused advice to provide support to you as a business. ?For more information on our pricing, please click?here.

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After some uncertainty following Brexit, multinational organisations with a UK presence will soon be able to make cross-border personal data transfers from the UK under new data transfer agreements. Barring Parliamentary objections, UK authorities will approve the new agreements, which broadly align with the EU’s standard contractual clauses.
China passed a comprehensive new data privacy law that takes effect 1 November. Companies operating in China and those serving China-based customers must comply with the tough new requirements or risk significant fines and penalties.
For owners of tech companies located outside the US, a SPAC merger can be a sound strategy for going public. But understanding the risks and benefits of SPACs is critical to ensuring a strong exit and long-term success.
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